H. Bellenger, N. Lefevre
Assessing ocean-atmosphere exchanges of CO2 at the ocean small-scale
Understanding and representing CO2 exchanges between the ocean and the atmosphere is essential to predict the evolution of global warming and ocean acidification that affects marine ecosystems. The CO2 uptake by the ocean is strongly affected by ocean variability at the meso- and submesoscales. Temperature and salinity influence these exchanges, for example, by modifying the solubility of this gas in seawater. The air-sea CO2 exchange and the mechanisms driving the exchange are to-date significantly under-sampled at present. Some of the processes that have a potential impact on these exchanges and have been historically considered too small scale to be taken into account by actual climate models.
Task 2.1 – Quantifying ocean-atmosphere CO2 exchanges at ocean meso- & submesoscale
                   (Partner: HZG/MPI, LMD, LOCEAN, NERSC)
Task 2.2 – Influence of the diurnal cycle and skin on the ocean-atmosphere exchanges of CO2
                   (Partner: LMD, LOCEAN, HZG/MPI)