R. Davy, L. Renault
Developing climate model parametrizations for small-scale, non-linear ocean atmosphere exchanges
We will aim to improve the skill of climate models in simulating the surface coupling by introducing new parameterizations to account for the effects of unresolved submeso- and mesoscale features in the ocean on the surface fluxes of momentum, heat, moisture, and CO2. We will assess the sensitivity of Earth System Models to the representation of low-level clouds, taking advantage of the unique combination of observations to optimise this model to reduce the uncertainty in the low-cloud feedback. We will also test new parameterization of air-sea coupling in forced ocean models.
Task 4.1 – New coupling parametrization of ocean-atmosphere energy exchanges for processes at ocean meso- to submesoscale
                   (Partner: LEGOS, CNRM, LOPS, NERSC, UIB)
Task 4.2 – Improving CO2 ocean-atmosphere flux parameterizations
                   (Partner: LMD, LOCEAN, HZG/MPI)
Task 4.3 – Evaluating cloud parameterization
                   (Partner: NERSC, LMD)
Task 4.4 – Assessing bias-dependence on vertical resolution
                   (Partner: NERSC, LMD, LEGOS, UIB)