The complex work in EUREC4A-OA that aims to integrate model/observational data across time and space scales – specifically:

  • Diurnal cycle
  • Meso/Submesoscale
  • Marine Boundary Layer Aerosols
  • pCO2
  • Parameterization
  • Metrics (diurnal, submesoscale)

is done in three scientific panels. They are expected to define Terms of Reference (ToR) to understand and control the operations. The proposed framework for the ToR is:

  • How are the science themes being addressed?
  • How will the groups integrate knowledge and operations?
  • How is the communication ensured between the other two panels? – who is the point of contact?
Panel 1: Process understanding

MPI, Jin Song

GEOMAR, J. Karstensen


LMD: Sabrina Speich, H. Bellenger

NERSC: Richard Davy

GEOMAR: Florian Schuette,

UNIMIB: Claudia Pasquero, Luca Ferrero, Agostino Meroni, Fabien Desbiolles

LOPS: X. Carton, J.-L. Redelsperger, J. Gula

LEGOS:L.Renault, J.Jouanno, M.Larranaga

Panel 2: Processes parameterization and metrics  Lead: 
LMD, Hugo Bellenger, co-lead: LEGOS, Lionel Renault; UNIMIB, Fabien Desbiolles


NERSC: Richard Davy

GEOMAR: J. Karstensen

MPI: Peter Landschützer

HZG:Jochen Horstmann, Michael Stresser


UNIMIB: Fabien Desbiolles

Panel 3: Integration of analyses and linkages to ESM communities Lead: 

NERSC, Richard Davy,

UIB Noel Keenlyside


MPI: (T1.2) Peter Landschützer

NERSC: (T4.3) Richard Davy

UIB: (T4.4) Noel Keenlyside, Shunya Koseki