G. Reverdin, A. Parodi
Evaluating small-scale ocean-atmosphere energy and water exchange
We will analyse the EUREC4A-OA direct observations and the large set of numerical simulations implemented within the project that resolve the diurnal cycle, small-scale ocean dynamical structures (filaments, fronts, eddies, jets) and correlated air-sea exchanges of energy and CO2 to explore extensively the phenomenology, amplitude and larger-scale implication of these processes. We will also assess the influence of the assimilation of observations at these scale in couple model simulations.
Task 1.1 – Quantifying the ocean-atmosphere energy and water exchanges at the ocean meso- and submesoscale
                    (Partner: LEGOS, CNRM, GEOMAR/MPI, HZG/MPI, LMD, LOPS, NERSC, CIMA)
Task1.2 – Quantifying ocean-atmosphere energy and water exchanges at the diurnal scale
                    (Partner: GEOMAR/MPI, LEGOS, LMD, LOCEAN, LOPS, MPI, NERSC)
Task 1.3 – Quantifying the ocean heat and momentum uptake at the ocean small scale
                    (Partner: LOPS, LMD, CNRM, LEGOS, LOCEAN, GEOMAR/MPI, UNIMIB)